Maurizio Bertollo

University of Chieti

Maurizio Bertollo is Professor of Motor Behavior at “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy where he is the Rector’s delegate for international cooperation and partnership. Moreover, he is also visiting professor of Human Performance at the University of Suffolk, UK.

He received his Bachelors’ degree in Physical Education and Human Movement Science in Padova and Chieti (Italy), a Master degree in Education (Pedagogy) in Padova (Italy), a Master degree in Psychology in Ljubljana (Slovenija) and a Doctoral degree in Sport Sciences in Vila Real (Portugal). He also holds specializations in psychotherapy, developmental and learning disabilities, and sports psychology. Currently, He is chartered psychologist and psychotherapist within the “Ordine Nazionale Psicologi”, and Vice-President of FEPSAC.

He worked as a scientific consultant, psychologist, and coach for many Italian sports clubs, federations (e.g., Modern Pentathlon, Triathlon, Swimming, Rink Hockey, Soccer, Cycling, Track and Field, and Shooting), and for the National Olympic Committee. Currently, he is scientific consultant of the Romanian Olympic Committee. Before starting an academic career, he was also PE teacher, School Psychologist and Headmaster.

His research activity focuses on the processes and mechanisms underlying the development, maintenance and improvement of human motor behaviour and performance. Current research interests include Bio-psycho-physiological state underpinning performance, Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning, Stress recovery-balance in sport, Psychophysiological monitoring and intervention in sport.

He has been involved in international and EU projects and he has published over 200 papers including national and international articles in peer-reviewed journals, books and book chapters. He has been involved as a reviewer for almost 30 scientific journals. Currently, He is associate editor of International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology and PeerJ Journals. Moreover, he is part of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sports Sciences, Psychology of Sport & Exercise, The Open Sports Science Journal, and Sports journal.


Antonio Paoli | FEPSAC 2022 Chair

Antonio Paoli

University of Padova

Antonio Paoli graduated in physical education (ISEF) in 1989, then in 2004 in Medicine (Padova University) and in 2008 he earned the specialization in Sports Medicine (University of Pavia). He became an assistant professor of Sport Sciences in 2011 at the Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology, University of Padova (Italy). In 2013 he became associate professor and in 2018 full professor and chair of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova. He is Director and Professor of Strength Training and Sport Nutrition at the University UCAM (Murcia, Spain) and Head of Human Health Laboratory Lobachevsky University – Niznij Novgorod – Russia. He is President of the Italian Society of Sport and Exercise Science (SISMES) and the European Sport Nutrition Society (ESNS). Since October 2015, Antonio Paoli is Rector’s Delegate for Sport and Wellness of the University of Padova, being in charge of managing sport and wellness-health related activities for students, faculties and employees

He is currently Director of the Nutrition & Exercise Physiology Laboratory of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova, Italy, Dean of the Bachelor Degree in Human Movement Science and Dean of the Master Degree in Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity. His laboratory research interests include ketogenic diet and fasting, the interaction of exercise and diet on skeletal muscle metabolism, the molecular bases of exercise training adaptation and the effects of the different methodology of resistance training on health parameters and body composition in young and adults.

Marta Ghisi | FEPSAC 2022 Co-Chair

Marta Ghisi

University of Padova

Marta Ghisi is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padova. She has a Ph. D. in Social and Personality Psychology and a certification in Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy. She currently serves as Advisor to the Vice-Rector and Rector’s Delegate for Sport and Wellness. She is also co-founder and co-sport administrator of volleyball university teams made up of only university students: an initiative that is part of the double career student-athlete project developed and supported by the University of Padova. At the University of Padova, she teaches Clinical Psychodiagnostics and Sport and Health Psychology at master degrees courses and Sport and Exercise Psychology at a School of Specialization in Sport and Physical Exercise Medicine. Current research interests include the development of self-report measures assessing the psychological features associated with sports performance and the investigation of the association between sport and healthy habits.

Prof. Ghisi is an ad-hoc reviewer for several national and international journals and member of a number of professional societies: Italian Association of Psychology- Clinical and Dynamic Section (AIP); Italian Association of Sport and Exercise Psychology (AIPS); European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT). Co-Chair.png

Marcella Bounous


Marcella Bounous is the current President of the Italian Association of Sport and Exercise Psychology (AIPS). She run her own private professional practice in the north east of Italy. She has been working with many individual athletes and sport federations, such as fencing, tennis, winter sports and rugby. She graduated in Sport psychology at the Salesian University of Rome and in Pedagogy at the University of Turin. After following many courses in bio-neurofeedback obtained her certification from Biofeedback Foundation of Europe (BFE).

She is Lecturer of Sport and exercise Psychology and new technologies psychophysiological processes in performance at IUSVE (Università Pontificia Salesiana Venezia-Mestre), where she leads the Sport Psychology and Biofeedback Lab. She taught sport psychology also at University of Verona.

Her Fields of Specialization are applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, voluntary self-regulation, optimizing health and performance.

Her main research interest is the understanding of the physiological and psychological mechanisms underlying performance and well-being in athletes.

Local Organizing Committee

Maurizio Bertollo, University of Chieti

Réka Zsanett Bondár, University of Chieti / ENYSSP

Gioia Bottesi, University of Padova

Marcella Bounous, AIPS / IUSVE

Nicole Casali, University of Padova

Silvia Cerea, University of Padova

Cristiana Conti, University of Chieti / Freelancer

Massimiliano Di Liborio, Freelancer

Marta Ghisi, University di Padova

Umberto Granziol, University di Padova

Laura Favaretti, Convention Bureau Padova

Selenia di Fronso, University of Chieti

Cristina Montesano, University of Chieti

Tatiana Moro, University di Padova

Mauro Murgia, University di Trieste

Antonio Paoli, University di Padova

Fabrizio Sors, University di Trieste

Andrea Spoto, University di Padova

Scientific Committee

Maurizio Bertollo, University of Chieti-Pescara

Marta Ghisi, University of Padova

Tiziano Agostini, University of Trieste

Michala Bednarikova, Slovak Sport Psychology Association

Alberto Cei, formerly University of San Raffaele

Rita De Oliveira, London South Bank University

Santo Di Nuovo, University of Catania

Mario Fulcheri, University of Chieti-Pescara

Caterina Gozzoli, Catholic University of Milan

Marco Guicciardi, University of Cagliari

Anastasiya Khomutova, University of Brighton

Fabio Lucidi, University of Rome “Sapienza”

Karin Moesch, Swedish Sports Confederation

Athanasios Papaioannou, University of Thessaly, Trikala

Markus Raab, London South Bank University

Yago Ramis, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Claudio Robazza, University of Chieti-Pescara

Alexis Ruffault, French Institute of Sport (INSEP)

Patrizia Steca, University of Milano-Bicocca

Giulio Vidotto, University of Padova

Francesca Vitali, University of Verona

Arnaldo Zelli, University of “Foro Italico”, Rome