Solgar was founded in 1947 in New York and has been always dedicated to research and manufacture food supplements, nutraceuticals and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and vegetable extracts of the highest quality. Solgar is a leading company in the field of nutritional supplementation and offers its consumers a wide range of products through a network of over 50 branches around the world. In Italy it has been operating through Solgar Italia Multinutrient S.p.A. for 30 years.

Solgar has adopted the golden label on burnished glass bottles, as an emblem of seriousness, rigor, guarantee of integrity and quality of each ingredient.

Always aiming at constant technological innovation, Solgar is characterized in its formulations by the presence of numerous patents. In 1978, the Nutritional Research Center was founded in Maryland, USA; this center was the first to introduce new, cutting-edge products into the market, such as the first Food Supplement Complex with Vitamins, Amino acids and Minerals chelated according to the patented AlbionTM procedure, as well as the first vegetarian capsules in the world.

Among the fundamental pillars of the company, it is worth mentioning the choice to use standardized plant extracts which guarantee a constant amount of active constituents, and the use for the conservation of “PhytO2X ™ System”, a special blend of antioxidants that ensures the quality and stability of the active constituents.

Solgar Italia Multinutrient SpA, based in Padua, stands out for its attention to cultural communication and science and for teaching in the areas of nutritional integration.

Quality, consistency and innovation are the principles that inspire Solgar every day!

Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world’s leading biofeedback, neurofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our instrumentation not only monitors and records a wide variety of physiological and mechanical signals, but also analyzes and provides feedback in real time, through a variety of auditory and visual means, to promote self-regulation and conditioning.

Our equipment is used as an essential part of many therapeutic treatments and clinical assessment protocols to treat stress related disorders as well as provide treatment for incontinence and muscle rehabilitation, including sEMG-triggered stimulation. On the non-medical side, it is also used in ergonomics, sports & peak performance and educational applications – wherever accurate and sensitive psychophysiological monitoring and biofeedback are needed.

Righetto srl is the unique Italian distributor since 1992, following the sales, installation, education and service of the full line of product.

Movisens is your partner for Ambulatory Assessment and Mobile Monitoring in everyday life. We develop mobile psycho-physiological Sensor Systems, Biosignal Processing & Algorithms, like Physical Activity, ECG, HRV, EDA (Galvanic Skin Response) and Breathing. We also support your research with our Software for Smartphones/Tablets and Web Technologies. Movisens is the right partner for anyone who cares about quality!

BrainTrends ltd, is an applied neuroscience company specialized in Research on Demand and development of devices and virtual reality experiences for research projects and companies. We believe that neuroscience can help to improve existent technologies and new technological solutions of what is important for everyday life.
BrainTrends scientists make available their scientific knowledge about brain functioning and human behaviour to develop, test and engineer new products useful for a wide-range of purposes ranging from technological innovation for industries to academic activities, such the participation to funding programmes, basic research and support to other laboratories.

On August 1, 2020 BrainTrends became the official distributor of ANT neuro EEG products in Italy. Using ANT neuro products it is possible to measure the electrical activity of the brain by detecting the highest quality signal

Giunti Psychometrics has been the pioneer of psychometric tests and tools in Italy since 1950. Today, we are country leaders by market share as well as offer breadth – and poised to become European champions. We have operations in 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Giunti Psychometrics develops and publishes robust, science-based psychological assessments that support specialists’ work and improve people lives in a wide range of domains: from mental health to talent management, from school orientation to large-scale selections for private organizations and the public sector.

Along the journey, our trailblazing spirit remained intact: our nature is to explore new geographies, rethink and expand our product array, scout the competitive landscape searching for dynamic, digital start-ups to acquire, stay abreast of change and grow globally.

We strive for excellence and are driven by continuous innovation, obsessed by our purpose: maximize development and well-being in people and organizations. Our work stands at the crossroads of cutting-edge research, market demand, community needs, and users’ experience.

We deliver science with a human touch.